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Motaram Surajmal Dugar 'HUF'

Year 1906 (R.N. 1963) started a new era for the M.S. Dugar Group when the foundation of their first business firm was laid at a very small village having population of less than 200 people at Lakhiganj Bazar, then District Goalpara (now Dhubri)  in Lower Assam. The firm was established as a partnership firm between Shri Tajmal ji Bhansali and Shri Motaram ji Dugar and it was named Tejmal Motaram. However, in the same year the partnership was dissolved and it was decided that Motaram ji Dugar will take over the firm. Motaram ji changed the name of the firm to Motaram Surajmal in 1906.

“Motaram Surajmal” is a flagship firm of the M.S. Dugar Group, established more than 100 years ago by the founding father of the Group Shri Motaram ji Dugar, as a proprietorship firm. After the untimely death of Shri Motaram ji at the age of 40 in year 1923 (R.N. 1981), his wife Meera Devi (aged 23 years at that time) took a very bold decision to continue the business. However, her only son Shri Surajmal Dugar was only 7 years’ old at that time and was in his childhood. Therefore, Meera Devi continued the business with the help of her brother Shri Doongar mal Bothra until his son Suraj mal could become old enough to understand and manage the business. 

Under the successive able leadership of visionaries like Motaram ji, Meera Devi, Suraj mal ji and Indar Chand, Jatan Lal, Ishwar Chand, Shanti Lal, Raj Kumar, Kanhaiya Lal, Shikhar Chnad, Pukhraj and Sumit Kumar Dugar, the firm has progressed leaps and bounds during last 100 years. After the demise of Shri Suraj mal Dugar in year 1983, the name of the firm was changed to “Motram Surajmal Dugar (HUF)” reflecting the true character of the business as “Hindu Undivided Family” and still continues to provide strategic directions to the family members.     

Mr. Indar Chand Dugar, who is ‘Karta’ of the firm, has got long business experience in the trading, finance and adat business. Mr. Jatan Lal, Ishwar Chand and Shikhar Chand Dugar have also contributed immensely in growth of the HUF business in Assam for a long period. Many trusted and loyal employees, most of them were relatives of Dugar family, had also contributed in the growth of the firm.

The firm started its business in Assam with providing loans and financing to small farmers for growing their agriculture products in and around Lakhiganj Bazar and was engaged in trading of following products:

Mustard seed
Mustard oil
Oil Cakes
Urad seed
Masoor seed
Lin seed
Yarn & Clothes

The firm also provides services of Commission agents (Adat) in purchase or sales of the above products.  The firm has been providing warehousing services to Jute Corporation of India (JCI), a government of India undertaking for last 30 years for storage of Jute at Lakhiganj Bazar in Assam, India. Due to political unrest and law and order problems in Assam, the trading and lending business activities have been discontinued since 1992, however providing the warehousing services to JCI is still continuing.   

The operations of the firm are managed efficiently by a dedicated team of qualified and experienced personnel. The firm believes in the M S Dugar Group’s core values of Integrity,  Genuineness, Dignity, Reliability, Relationship building, Innovation and Seamlessness.

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